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I just started to learn Objective-C and iPhone SDK programming. I have made 2 rect buttons and one label in my XIB design (it is appearing after clicking on views). I have to make code in button click event in my controller. As in we simply take event (dummy code).

Like I have 2 rect buttons and their title is 8 and 9 and one label. When I will click on button 8 my label will print 8 and similarly when I will click on button 9 my label will show 9. My concern is that is how will know in controller (.m file) which button is being pressed.

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Set the tag field of your buttons to different values, then define a method


and inside it call [(UIView *)sender tag]. Checking that value you will know what button has been pressed.

Alternatively you may call two different methods, but since the behavior is such similar I'd prefer the first solution.

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You will actually have to typecast that sender towards an UIView * to be able to retrieve a tag value; [(UIView *)id tag]; – Till May 28 '11 at 10:43
Conceptually you're right (if you cast sender not id), I just forgot to cast it. It works the same though. :) – Saphrosit May 28 '11 at 10:51

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