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What i want to accomplish with my xml schema is to make questions unique per questionPool - not for all questionPools. In my xml file i have this code, comments say what i want to do:

        <question idref="question1"/>
        <question idref="question2"/>
        <question idref="question3"/>
        <question idref="question1"/>    <!-- Duplicate but not in question pool so allowed -->
        <question idref="question3"/>    <!-- Not allowed because duplicate in question pool -->

I have tried this but it checks all questions rather then ones specific to one pool:

<xsd:key name="keyQuestionPool">
    <xsd:selector xpath="questionPools/questionPool/question"/>
    <xsd:field    xpath="@idref"/>
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The scope of the key is the containing element. Put the <xs:key> definition as the child of the <xs:element name="questionPool"> element definition and drop the first steps from the XPath of the selector to match the new context.

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Worked great thanks a lot! –  nefarel May 28 '11 at 14:21

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