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Is there an open file dialog box in Eclipse's Visual Editor? Like the windows or linux Open File dialog box.

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You open an existing file with the Visual Editor. Check the Right-click -> "Open With..." dialogue.

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No, perhaprs I didn't explain it right. I am building a GUI, and I need the user to select a file from the file system. In VB for example there is some sort of file dialog that allows the user to select a file. I need something like that in Java (Visual Editor) – Aviad Nissel May 28 '11 at 11:45

If you are building a Swing GUI then you can use a JFileChooser Dialog. I am not sure that there is a visual widget for this in the VE but you do have an option to add any bean using the Choose Bean option. This article has a bit about using Choose Bean. However, I think it would be far simpler to do the File Chooser by code in response to an event such as a button click.

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