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I have a control which uses the old-style data biding via *MemberPath properties. However, my situation requires the usage of a DynamicObject. When you get the type of that dynamic object and call GetProperty(..) it returns null (because the object itself does not contain such a property - it is a dynamic one). So.. how can I solve this issue? How can I bind an object with dynamic properties having that the view uses that old-style data binding approach?

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You're somewhat out of luck in Silverlight 4. Silverlight 5 (in beta) has the ICustomTypeProvider interface to allow binding to dynamic properties, but Silverlight 4 doesn't have this. Until Silverlight 5 is released, you have two options:

1) Write a value converter to get the value from the object.


2) Have an indexer on your object that when passed a "property" name, returns the corresponding value. You can then extract the value like so:

Binding="{Binding [PropertyName]}"

Option 2 is the best option IMO.

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot use binding like this, because I have *MemberPath properties (which in the background call obj.GetType().GetProperty(...)) –  Boyan Mihaylovv May 28 '11 at 13:21

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