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I use a activity to call a service

and the service run a thread countTask to get the data about GPS and ORIENTATION

about the ORIENTATION part, it works fine,but the GPS part totally can't update

the newest location so the latitude and altitude always remain null

could somebody give an advice? I appreciate your help

Here is the whole program http://www.megaupload.com/?d=N52I7M9T

Here is the service part http://dpaste.com/hold/547692/

activity part http://dpaste.com/hold/547697/

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"requestLocationUpdates : The calling thread must be a Looper thread such as the main thread of the calling Activity."

You can not call requestLocationUpdates from your own newly created thread

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I had a similar experienced where I couldn't received location updates mixing LocationListener with my own Threads/HandlerThreads. The solution was to use a PendingIntent and requestLocationUpdates(provider,minTime,minDistance,intent). Take a look at: How to receive location updates without using a service

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