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I want to put this regexs into one regex, but dont now how:


so the string can get XX(XX)-XXXXXX(X) or *XXXX


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to merge two regular expressions A and B, do:


This may change the order of one set of capturing parentheses. Also note that parentheses may not be needed, e.g. A|B may work in your simple case.

In other languages which support regular expressions with named captures, you can use those.

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Yes though you don't really need the parentheses there; it's also important to note that the "|" operator binds more loosely than most others, so parentheses are very often necessary for grouping the left and right sides of the expression. – Pointy May 28 '11 at 15:00

You can OR-them this:


so that either will match...

the trouble you get is that when the second one matches you don't get \1 ($1) and \2 ($2) set...

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Use an | (or).


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