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So the boss just came buy to tell me he's buying a Wii + Wii Fit for the office. At first I'm thinking this is awesome, we're getting a Wii. But, we're a pretty fit group, why do we need the Wii Fit too? Of course, I opened my stupid mouth to ask that very question when I should have been basking in the glory of the moment. sigh...the work never ends...

Apparently the Wii Fit saves some sort of data to an SD card and he wants to know if we can access that data. A quick search yielded nearly nothing, except a note that the data is stored as a text file, but in Japanese. The boss is still out shopping so I can't yet see for myself.

Has anyone tried to get at the Wii Fit data? Any luck?

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There are definitely worse things you could be doing! ;) – Andy Mikula Mar 5 '09 at 19:26
Like "Generating Test Data"? :P – Michael Stum Mar 5 '09 at 19:35
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Also check out this reference to help unpack and decrypt the game files.

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This looks like it might be what I'm looking for, but I need to figure out how to get the sd-key for decrypting the file. One step down, many to go... – Brandon Fosdick Mar 5 '09 at 21:56
I managed to find the keys at, but now I'm getting and MD5 mismatch error. – Brandon Fosdick Mar 5 '09 at 22:43

It is possible to decode the WiiFit save data.

Once the WiiFit savedata is stored to a SD card it will be named private\wii\title\RFNP\data.bin (for pal) or private\wii\title\RFNN\data.bin (for NTSC)

This is a standardized Wii format that all games use and it is described at

Once you have decrypted the header and data area with he keys from you will find that data.bin contain the files:


These files are unencrypted, but I have not analyzed their content more then just to be able to extract weight and bmi data for my own Mii.

I have a really dirty vb6 class that produces a CSV file with dates and weight but its faaaaaar away from any kind of release.

Heres some of my extracted data:

15.11.2008 13:18:00;92
16.11.2008 15:30:00;91,1
17.11.2008 19:02:00;91,3
18.11.2008 08:23:00;90,8
19.11.2008 07:20:00;90,5
20.11.2008 09:34:00;90,5
21.11.2008 09:32:00;91,1
22.11.2008 09:11:00;91,3
23.11.2008 10:25:00;91,6
24.11.2008 10:36:00;91,2
25.11.2008 10:37:00;91,4
26.11.2008 13:40:00;90,8
27.11.2008 10:45:00;91,2
28.11.2008 11:32:00;91,4
29.11.2008 13:09:00;91
30.11.2008 13:18:00;90
01.12.2008 12:38:00;90,1
02.12.2008 13:16:00;91,2
03.12.2008 10:34:00;91,2
04.12.2008 12:06:00;91
05.12.2008 13:05:00;91,2
06.12.2008 16:28:00;90,3
07.12.2008 14:03:00;90,9
08.12.2008 12:38:00;91,3
09.12.2008 14:18:00;90,4
10.12.2008 13:43:00;90,5
11.12.2008 13:36:00;90,5
12.12.2008 14:15:00;90,3
13.12.2008 14:17:00;89,9
14.12.2008 10:42:00;90


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Here's what's known about Wii save-files. This may be more difficult than you think. Everything the Wii does is usually encrypted using that specific console's private key.

A lot of reverse-engineering is in your future if you intend to get this working. Please share any discoveries you have.

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sounds like maybe someone did it – dotjoe Mar 5 '09 at 20:43
The unpacking of the binaries yes, as for how the Wii Fit save data is actually saved. What stats are associated to which Miis, who did what when, and all of that jazz remains a public mystery. – Benoit Mar 5 '09 at 22:12
I'm hoping once I get an unpacked file I'll find some way to decode the Wii Fit data. Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be a text file :) – Brandon Fosdick Mar 5 '09 at 22:45
I doubt it. If it is I'd be disappointed. That's the kind of info that should be binary and compressed since the Wii has pretty small internal memory. – Benoit Mar 5 '09 at 23:13

I was able to use this info to create a table of where the data is stored in the Wii Fit savegame files.

There is more detail in the following blog post:

File FitPlus0.dat
Byte Offset | Length | Description
0x0         | 8      | RPHE0000 (header)
0x8         | 22     | Name of Mii
0x1E        | 1      | Unknown
0x1F        | 1      | Height (in cm)
0x20        | 4      | Date of birth (stored in BCD: e.g. 1980 0228)
0x24        |        | Unknown
0x95        |        | Dates with data (rowlen=10)
0x35CF      |        | Start of some other section (unknown)
0x38A1      |        | Body Test measurement data section (rowlen=21)
  +0        | 4      | Date (in bitfield format)
  +4        | 2      | Weight (in kg * 10)
  +6        | 2      | BMI (* 100)
  +8        | 2      | Balance percent (* 10)
  +10       | 2      | simple value 4 ??
  +12       | 1      | extended 1 ??
  +13       | 1      | extended 2 ??
  +14       | 1      | extended 3 ??
  +15       | 1      | extended 4 ??
  +16       | 2      | extended 5 ??
  +18       | 1      | extended 6 ??
  +19       | 1      | extended 7 ??
0x9288      | 1      | Last byte of profile
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The date format used is described here:

If you convert some of your known dates to the Wii Fit date format you should easily be able to find them in the plaintext files.


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Building off of Jansen's work, a group of people started a project on Google Code that will parse the file for you.

It parses not only the body tests, but also the info from the games.

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a reference for you:

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This is only for Mii appearance data and is completely unrelated. Why it has been voted up; I have no idea. – Benoit Mar 5 '09 at 20:34

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