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I am in need of Java library for graphs that supports dynamic visualization. I need to have objects moving between the vertices and this has to be shown. 3D is not needed, a 2D representation will suffice.

I am currently using JUNG but it is very limited, it is more for static graphs from what I can tell.

I have looked at this question but JGraphT doesn't seem to do it either.

Can anybody suggest something?

Late Edit:

I waited to finish the project before awarding an answer. I ended up keeping JUNG, while also using UBIGraph as a secondary library.

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Prefuse is pretty and powerful.

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I used prefuse for a data visualization academic project, and it just works. –  zengr May 28 '11 at 22:14
For anyone visiting the page now, I think the authors of Prefuse have stopped development and moved on to developing D3. It's been years since a new release of Prefuse has been out on the web. –  Josh Bradley Jun 1 '12 at 21:25

Take a look on GraphStream, as shown from their demo video you can do some fancy stuff with graphs using their library.

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Have you had a look at Processing, or Processing.js? There are some amazing vis projects being made with this.

Not strictly Java, but easy to integrate within a Java environment, if I recall correctly.

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Another option if feasible is to construct text file in graphviz dot format and process it using various tools provided. Mostly helpful for generate static images

See graphviz gallery for more details

enter image description here

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How about this graph visualization library? http://graphstream-project.org/

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You may also want to have a look at wilmascope. I used it a few years ago after full research and was quite happy with it, but it has not been updated since 10 years now.

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