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So I have some strings in Java and I want to append to the screen along with some HTML elements (such as <br>). The linear layout variable is just:

main_layout = (LinearLayout) findViewById (R.id.main_layout); 

And I'm simply trying to add TextViews, but for setText I'd like to be able to place HTML in there. I've heard this can be done, I would just really like some examples to point me in the right direction. Also, how can I dynamically style these xml text elements (similar to javascript and html)?


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You can add HTML into TextViews using HTML.fromHTML(source) which returns a Spanned but I'm not sure what HTML tags it can/can't deal with (bold, italic, underlines and sub/superscript are definitely supported). The Spanned can be styled I think, but I'm not sure how. Also be careful with sub/superscript as these tend not to show properly without altering the TextView's line spacing.

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Can I do line breaks? That's the biggest thing I need right now really. Also, do you have an example of how I would insert a line break? Thanks –  maxcollins May 28 '11 at 16:20
If you just need a line break, you don't have to use HTML, just use textView.setText(string1 + "\n" + string2). If you do want to use HTML, use textView.setText(HTML.fromSource(string1 + "&lt;br/>" + string2)) –  Alex Curran May 28 '11 at 17:05

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