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I have a list of radio buttons that is initially disabled, and I if the user clicks or tries to select one, he gets an alert telling him that he must be logged in to select an option.

How to do it with jquery?

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if radio button is disable then nobody can select/click over this – diEcho May 28 '11 at 16:27

Apparently, disabled elements don't fire mouse events: Jquery event on a disabled input

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This might be helpful:

I customized code from the page to be more useful in this case ( ):

var disabled = $('input[type="radio"]:disabled');
disabled.each(function () {
    var self = $(this),
        field = self,
        overlay = $('<div />');
    if (self.parent().is('label')) {
        field = self.parent();
        position: 'absolute',
        top: field.position().top,
        left: field.position().left,
        width: field.outerWidth(),
        height: field.outerHeight(),
        zIndex: 10000,
        backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
        opacity: 0
    }).click(function () {
        alert('You must log in.');
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