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What is the best way to apply queries (such as regular expressions) on javascript objects to obtain a subset of some array or collection that follow some criteria, are there such plugin for jQuery, or some way to use jQuery or other known js library for this purpose?

for example:

var x=[{ firstName: "Sakher",lastName="Sawan" }, { firstName: "John", lastName="Jan"}];
var y = ????;//the first names of the objects in x where their last names follow the regular expression : pla-pla-pla
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Are you talking about using regular expressions as filer for selectors? You can extend jQuery to create a regex-based filter. Here is an example blog.mastykarz.nl/jquery-regex-filter –  Sergey Akopov May 28 '11 at 17:26
Yes, but as a selector of objects but not html elements. –  Mohamed Sakher Sawan May 28 '11 at 17:29
i think you shouldn't do such heavy operations on javascript objeccts, probably you should use some UI frameworks –  kobe May 28 '11 at 17:49
Gotcha. I don't believe this would be possible with jQuery. You'd have to look at extending Sizzle ( sizzlejs.com ) which is the selector engine that jQuery uses behind the curtains. The best you can do is write a regex filter as i mentioned earlier, but obviously this wouldn't be a pure regex approach you're after. Not sure what other libraries out there would do that. I'll let someone else answer that. –  Sergey Akopov May 28 '11 at 17:52

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using jQuery:

var x = [
    { firstName: "Sakher",lastName:"Sawan" },
    { firstName: "John", lastName:"Jan"}
    y = $(x).map(function(a, obj){
        return /^S/.test(obj.lastName) ? obj.firstName : null

Note that in some browsers you don't have to use jQuery to do this, as you can just as well use x.map in browsers that have Array.prototype.map (older browsers don't)

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It appears as you are looking for JSONpath or the like.

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You should use some frameworks like dojo for doing these kind of operations.

look at the sample grid


you can do all kind of operations on that.

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It seems that you can do it by JS itself:

var re = ...; // regular espression
var y = [....]; // input array
var x = y.filter(function(el) { return re.test(el.firstName) } );

In x you will have filtered array where each element satisfy your conditions.

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Check this link.

var jsonArray = [
    { "user": { "id": 100, "screen_name": "d_linq" }, "text": "to objects" },
    { "user": { "id": 130, "screen_name": "c_bill" }, "text": "g" },
    { "user": { "id": 155, "screen_name": "b_mskk" }, "text": "kabushiki kaisha" },
    { "user": { "id": 301, "screen_name": "a_xbox" }, "text": "halo reach" }
// ["b_mskk:kabushiki kaisha", "c_bill:g", "d_linq:to objects"]
var queryResult = Enumerable.From(jsonArray)
    .Where(function (x) { return x.user.id < 200 })
    .OrderBy(function (x) { return x.user.screen_name })
    .Select(function (x) { return x.user.screen_name + ':' + x.text })
// shortcut! string lambda selector
var queryResult2 = Enumerable.From(jsonArray)
    .Where("$.user.id < 200")
    .Select("$.user.screen_name + ':' + $.text")
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