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i've been struggeling with this all day now

I want to make an API call to Google Places but i can't seem to figure it out. I've tried this: http://blog.brianbuikema.com/2010/08/android-development-part-1-using-googles-places-api-to-develop-compelling-location-based-mobile-applications/

And now I have a string like this:


Where I have the clientID as my client ID for the Places API on my gmail account and the signature filled by the UrlSinger's method signRequest

Now how do I get an XML or JSON object back? Do I need to make a HttpRequest or a HttpPost (Or something completely different) ? I'm totally new to that. I would love some example code.

Thanks in advance,

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After another day of struggeling, I face-palmed myself.

Solution: Why would I need that signature?

A link like this works just fine:


Retreiving the JSON object is being done by this method

private JSONObject executeHttpGet(String uri) throws Exception{
    HttpGet req = new HttpGet(uri);

    HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
    HttpResponse resLogin = client.execute(req);
    BufferedReader r = new BufferedReader(
            new InputStreamReader(resLogin.getEntity()
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    String s = null;
    while ((s = r.readLine()) != null) {

Which I found here (At the bottom of the post):


The method obviously needs some rewriting but it works.

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