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How do I modify the java language definition bundle foldingStartMarker and foldingStopMarker entries to allow for folding of these types of comment blocks?

This is the comment style:

 * This is a comment...
 * Yet another comment...

I've tried this:

foldingStartMarker = '(\{\s*(//.*)?$|^\s*// \{\{\{|^\s*\/\*\*)';
foldingStopMarker = '^\s*(\}|// \}\}\}$|\*\/)';

I get the first match for '/**' characters, but I can't get it to find the StopMarker '*/'.


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This works for me (in Javascript language):

foldingStartMarker = '^\s*\/\*';
foldingStopMarker = '\s*\*\/$';
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It's not ideal but I found that if you end your comment with **/ instead of */ in a C++ source file, it recognizes them for folding.

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Same problem here (custom language, but same comment block style). It seems that the foldingStopMarker never works on lines starting with a whitespace.

I tried many combinations and whenever the line does start with a whitespace, I was unable to build a foldingStopMarker regex that would match it, independent of the other characters in that line.

Seems like a bug.

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Cannot be done at the moment. Documented textmate behaviour, folding start and stop must have exactly the same indention level. Use the **/ workaround.

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