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I've tried:

heroku rake db:migrate


heroku pg:push

The first gives me a PGerror / rake aborted error.

Is there a way to completely rebuild/reset my database with heroku? I can't seem to find it in their documentation.

EDIT: I had a working database before this, but my tables and relationships have changed.

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If you had a working database, you could recreate your tables from the schema:

heroku run rake db:schema:load

If you want to just reset the database to empty:

heroku run rake db:create

What is the error it is giving you? It might be more helpful to try to solve that problem rather than wipe everything.

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Looks like heroku rake db:migrate VERSION=0 then heroku rake db:create allowed me to recreate the database. Thank you @oded-harth and @felix – BasicObject May 28 '11 at 22:17
heroku rake has been deprecated in favor of heroku run rake. At least, that's what the error message told me. – Nick Jan 23 '13 at 18:57

This should be updated as heroku rake has been deprecated. Use heroku run rake now. See below, per command-line/stderr output, as of today (March 8, 2013):


  • PROMPT>heroku rake db:migrate --app myApp

    WARNING: 'heroku rake'` has been deprecated. Please use 'heroku run rake' instead.


  • PROMPT>heroku run rake db:migrate --app myApp

    Running rake db:migrate attached to terminal... up, run.2810

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 heroku rake db:migrate VERSION=0

This will get your database to its starting point.

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heroku run rake db:migrate -a appname
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Explain your code, please. The code itself does not say much. – tomloprod Feb 9 '15 at 16:00

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