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I am using listview and in listview in Item Template, i have anchor tag with href.

<a class="linkbutton" href='<%# string.Format("Movie/Hindi-Movie/{0}/{1}",Eval("MovieId"),Eval("MovieName")) %>'><%#Eval("MovieName")%></a>

and in Global file

i have

routes.MapPageRoute("HindiAboutMovie", "Movie/Hindi-Movie/{MovieId}/{MovieName}", "~/Bollywood/AboutMovie.aspx");

This works fine. but in MovieName i have space between words which makes the url ugly by placing '%' in blank space.



where i am trying to make


How to handle this html side in string.Format?

Please guide me.

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Have you tried a simple adjustment like:

<a class="linkbutton" href='<%# String.Format("Movie/Hindi-Movie/{0}/{1}",
Eval("MovieId"), Eval("MovieName").Replace(' ', '-'))
%>'><%# Eval("MovieName") %></a>
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That shows an error as object doesn't contain Replace method. – Abhishek Ranjan May 29 '11 at 12:40
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I tried this approach.

In Html i wrote

<a class="linkbutton" href='<%# string.Format("Movie/Bollywood-Movie/{0}/{1}",Eval("MovieId"),GetMovieName(Eval("MovieName"))) %>'>

and in code behind i wrote a method.

public string GetMovieName(object obj)
        string moviename = Convert.ToString(obj);
        string newmoviename= moviename.Replace(" ", "-");
        return newmoviename;

This did solve my issue at the moment. :-)

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