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The groovy eclipse tutorial launches off in the direction of making a class.

If I just want to make a script, what do I do? Just make a file in some folder that is named 'something.groovy' and expect eclipse to be willing to run it?

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In the new Groovy Class Wizard, there is a checkbox to create a script instead of a class:

Check this box to create a script

Alternatively, you can create a regular class and delete all the contents except for the package statement. That is a script.

A couple of points, though. The script should be in a source folder with a proper package statement if not in the default package. If not, you will not have any editing support for your script.

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I'm not familiar with the groovy plugin for eclipse but there should be no problem creating a simple groovy script and running it from Command line or from Eclipse.

Save the following as hello.groovy somewhere:

System.out.println("Hello Groovy");

Create a Java run configuration it with the groovy jar in the classpath and main method is in groovy.lang.GroovyShell. Pass the script name as an argument (You can use ${resource_loc}) to make it a generic run configuration and it will work fine.

Edit: You can also find instructions on running groovy scripts on the Groovy website

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RonK is correct but I would recommend making the script more groovy with content like: println "Hello Groovy" –  Chris Dail May 29 '11 at 19:32
Thanks - I'm not yet groovy myself to be used to this syntax :) –  RonK May 30 '11 at 7:55

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