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I am interested in how Mono for Android (by Novell) works.

My biggest question is around the actual runtime's that are used. Is MfA providing a Mono runtime that wraps and calls down to the Dalvik runtime or is the Dalvik completely bypassed in this operation? Is it something else completely?

I am curious because I hear that the Mono runtime has better performance on mobile devices (not that I believe anything I read on the internet...), and really I am just trying to understand the whole thing.

Any other general knowledge on the topic of comparing and contrasting Mono/Dalvik runtimes would be appreciated.


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It's both! Some things are run directly in Mono on the kernel and some things get passed into the Dalvik system.

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+1 Excellent answer. I was looking for exactly that. Do not know how I missed it before, as I went through most of those pages already! – nicholas.hauschild May 29 '11 at 0:46

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