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I have defined a boolean property as follows:

 [Browsable(true), Category("Display"), DefaultValue(false),
  WebPartStorage(Storage.Shared), FriendlyName("Obey Workflow"),
  public bool ObeyWorkflow { get; set; }

I'm expecting it to render as a checkbox in the webpart's properties toolbox, however it doesn't show up. My web part is derived from the Sharepoint WebPart base class.

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You are on the right track. You just need to use different attributes.

[WebDisplayName("Obey Workflow")]  
public bool ObeyWorkflow { get; set; }
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Thank you. I spent an entire day trying to solve this problem. –  kjv Mar 7 '09 at 16:42

@Jason, you're correct. The syntax "Browsable", and "Category" are Sharepoint 2003 specific. For SharePoint 2007, it's "WebBrowsable", and "SPWebCategoryName" respectively.

DefaultValue(false) is also SharePoint 2003 specific.

The equivalent in 2007, as far as I know, is to declare it initially beforehand, like this:

    private string _strMainFolder = "Reports"; //Here is the default value

    [WebDisplayName("SharePoint List Name")]
    [SPWebCategoryName("SharePoint List Name Settings")]
    [WebDescription("You would put the description here.")]
    public string strMainFolder
        get { return _strMainFolder; }
        set { _strMainFolder = value; }
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i think its WebBrowsable(true) instead of Browsable(true)

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I have changed and it didn't help. –  kjv Mar 6 '09 at 18:14

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