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Here is the code generating a plot of an xts object:


Which yields the following plot:


Can you remove the y-axis values (the prices) from a plot of an xts object?

Hint: passing yaxt='n' doesn't work.

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Removing the y-axis is easy, but it also removes the x-axis. A couple options:

1) Easy -- use plot.zoo:

plot.zoo(Cl(SPY), yaxt="n", ylab="")

2) Harder-ish -- take pieces from plot.xts:

plot(Cl(SPY), axes=FALSE)
axis(1, at=xy.coords(.index(SPY), SPY[, 1])$x[axTicksByTime(SPY)],
  label=names(axTicksByTime(SPY)), mgp = c(3, 2, 0))

3) Customize-ish -- modify plot.xts so axes= accepts a vector of axes to plot and/or TRUE/FALSE.

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I like the easy solution best. Taking advantage of the zoo heritage. Thanks. – Milktrader May 29 '11 at 1:35
In all honesty, I don't use plot.xts too much. plot.zoo has better functionality and it "just works" with xts objects. – Joshua Ulrich May 29 '11 at 1:45

Adding to Joshua's answer, to modify plot.xts(), all you need to do is alter the following section:

    if (axes) {
      if (minor.ticks) 
        axis(1, at = xycoords$x, labels = FALSE, col = "#BBBBBB")
      axis(1, at = xycoords$x[ep], labels = names(ep), las = 1,lwd = 1, mgp = c(3, 2, 0))
    #This is the line to change:
    if (plotYaxis) axis(2)

and obviously you add the parameter plotYaxis=TRUE to the function definition.

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You can also try specifying that the x and y as labels are empty, or contain no values/characters. Try using the term xlab="" in your plot command: e.g. plot(beers,ranking,xlab="",ylab="")

By not including anything between the quotation marks, R doesn't plot anything. Using this command, you can also specific the labels, so to make the label for the x axis 'beer', use the term xlab="beer".

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