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if (XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb) {thumbURL = XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb;}

Returns: TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.

Same with

if (XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb!=undefined) {thumbURL = XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb;}

How do I check if a variable exists?

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The correct way is to compare it to undefined (though you should use !== instead of !=). It may be possible that it is an earlier object is undefined. To help debug this problem, you may need to check that


are all not equal to undefined.

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PFhayes is right, you need to ensure each level of properties you're stepping through are defined. OR, if you want to be lazy, you can just write it in a try/catch statement. Like so:

if (XMLData.product[i] && XMLData.product[i].image[0] && XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb)
    thumbURL = XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb;
   //Not defined somewhere


     thumbURL = XMLData.product[i].image[0].thumb;
     //Something went wrong. You can analyze the error data from here and act accordingly
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