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first I want to say that I'm a beginner in postgresql and php.. my company told me to create a database that they can view and edit on local server.. so I created the database in postgresql.. created a page that views the database:

<title>Ongoing projects</title>
<body bgcolor="666657">
//database access information
$host = "localhost";
$user = "admin";
$pass = "";
$db = "Project_list";
$port = "5432";

//open a connection to the database server
$connection = pg_connect("host=$host dbname=$db user=$user password=$pass port=$port");
if (!$connection)
die("Could not open connection to database server");



$query = 'select * from ongoing';
$result = pg_query($query); $i = 0;

echo '<html><table bgcolor="666657" width="10" height="30" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><td align="center"> <h1><font color = "#ffb200"> Ongoing projects</h1>';

 echo '<html><body><table border= 2 BORDERCOLOR="000000" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0"> <tr >';

while ($i < pg_num_fields($result)) {
$fieldName =pg_field_name($result, $i);
echo '<b>'.'<td width="2" bgcolor="666657" align="center">'.'<font color = "#ffb200">'. '</b>'.'<b>'. $fieldName . '</b>'. '</td>';
$i = $i + 1; }
 echo("<td><align= center><font color = #ffb200><b>Action</td>");

echo '</tr>' ;
$i = 0;

while ($row = pg_fetch_row($result)) {
echo '<tr align="center" width="1">';
$count = count($row);
$y = 0;
while ($y < $count) {
$c_row = current($row);
echo '<td>' .'<font color = "#ffb200">'. $c_row . '</td>';


$y = $y + 1;
echo("<td><align= center><a href='editongoing.php?ProjectID=".$row[0]."'>Edit</a></td>");
echo '</tr>';
$i = $i + 1;


echo '</table></body></html>';

<a href="projects.php"</a>Back to projects page</a>

if (window.print) {

document.write('<form> '
+ '<input type=button name=print value="Click" '
+ 'onClick="javascript:window.print()"> To Print!</form>');
// End -->

when you click the edit button, you will go to this page where you can edit the raw you want, this is the (edit) code:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">
<title>Edit Ongoing projects</title>
<body bgcolor="666657">

// attempt a connection
$connection = pg_connect("host=localhost dbname=Project_list user=admin password=");
if (!$connection) {
die("Error in connection: " . pg_last_error());
if ($_REQUEST['ProjectID']!=''){

$QueryStr = "Select * from ongoing where project_no='".$_REQUEST['ProjectID']."'";
$result = pg_query($connection, $QueryStr);
if (!$result) {
die("Error in SQL query: " . pg_last_error());
$row = pg_fetch_row($result);


if ($_POST['submit']) {

// escape strings in input data
$project_no = pg_escape_string($_POST['project_no']);
$title = pg_escape_string($_POST['title']);
$duration = pg_escape_string($_POST['duration']);
$manager = pg_escape_string($_POST['manager']);
$country = pg_escape_string($_POST['country']);
$total_fee = pg_escape_string($_POST['totalfee']);
$performed = pg_escape_string($_POST['performed']);
$remaining = pg_escape_string($_POST['remaining']);
$gross_profit = pg_escape_string($_POST['gross_profit']);
$gp = pg_escape_string($_POST['gp']);
$performance_year = pg_escape_string($_POST['performance_year']);
$gp_year = pg_escape_string($_POST['gp_year']);

// execute query
$sql = "INSERT INTO ongoing (project_no, project_title, duration, manager, country, total_fee,
performed, remaining, gross_profit, gp, performance_year, gp_year)
VALUES('$project_no', '$title', '$duration', '$manager', '$country','$total_fee','$performed','$remaining',
'$gross_profit','$gp', '$performance_year','$gp_year')";
$result = pg_query($connection, $sql);
f (!$result) {
die("Error in SQL query: " . pg_last_error());

echo "Data successfully inserted!";

// free memory

// close connection

<form action= "<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="post"><b><font color = "#ffb200">
Project No.: <br>  <input id="project_no" type="text" name="project_no" size="20" value=<?= $row[0] ?>>
Project Title: <br> <input id="title" type="text" name="title" value='<?= $row[1] ?>'>
Duration: <br> <input ID="duration" type="text" name="duration" value=<?= $row[2] ?>>
Project Manager: <br> <input ID="manager" type="text" name="manager" value=<?= $row[3] ?>>
Country: <br> <input ID="country" type="text" name="country"  value=<?= $row[4] ?>>
Total Fee: <br> <input ID="totalfee" type="text" name="total_fee" value=<?= $row[5] ?>>
Already performed: <br> <input ID="performed" type="text" name="performed" value=<?= $row[6] ?>>
Remaining performance: <br> <input ID="remaining" type="text" name="remaining" value=<?= $row[7] ?>>
Gross Profit: <br> <input ID="gross_profit" type="text" name="gross_profit" value='<?= $row[8] ?>'>
GP%: <br> <input ID="gp" type="text" name="gp" value=<?= $row[9] ?>>
Performance actual year: <br> <input ID="performance_year" type="text" name="performance_year" value=<?= $row[10] ?>>
GP actual year: <br> <input ID="gp_year" type="text" name="gp_year" value=<?= $row[11] ?>>

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Sumbit my table" size="30">

<a href="ongoing.php"</a>View ongoing projects</a>
<a href="editproject.php"</a>Back to editing menu</a>


My problem is, when I edit the data and click on submit my table, a new raw is inserted.. but I want it to be updated not inserted... help plz

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You need to select which record (id number) you want to update, and then your query will look like

$sql = "UPDATE ongoing SET field1='value', field2='value' ... WHERE id = 'id of project you want to edit'";

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