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I'm using asynchronous SqlCommand to query data out of a SQL Server.

Is there a way to find out how long a query took to be processed on the server? Or do I need to capture time on the client?

I think the latter would be bad, because depending on the connection this could be much slower I assume.


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You could turn on Time statistics (SET STATISTICS TIME ON).

This would then send a message back to the client, that would look something like:

 SQL Server Execution Times:
   CPU time = 0 ms,  elapsed time = 341 ms.

You'd need to add an event handler to the connection's InfoMessage event, and then parse/display this text. Although obviously, text parsing of info messages is always likely to be a little brittle (e.g. may not work on non-English installs), but if you just want to display the text, it should be fine.

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