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How can I do this?

add a number 1 to the field gameswon if this occurs:


table names = 'games', 'teams'
fields =  score1, score2, gameswon

If 'games'.score1 > 'games'.score2
    add 1 to 'teams'.gameswon
else if 'games'.score2 > 'games'.score1
    add 1 to 'teams'.gameswon


how can I rank teams from one table who have the same field in another table?

for example:

it has rank field in table 'teams'

and it has pool1 field in table 'games'

so if pool1 is the same in table 'games' then update rank in table 'teams' --

rank code:

if gameswon from TEAM1 > gameswon from TEAM2 and > gameswon from TEAM3
    rank TEAM1 with a 1


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So, you have one table games with fields score1 and score2, and presumably fields team1 and team2 for the two participants and another table teams with field gameswon (as well as team name etc)? –  marnir May 29 '11 at 10:23
(By the way, if you use four spaces at the beginning of a line it puts it into this font which is helpful for separating code from other text - or use the back-tick character ` to do it in-line) –  marnir May 29 '11 at 10:26

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first question query:

INTO   teams
SELECT 1 AS gameswon
FROM   games
WHERE  score1 <> score2

second question I do not understood
please provide full table structure

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