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I am trying to parse a CSV file in UNIX using AWK or shell scripting. But I am facing a issue here. If the data is within quotes(",") then I want to replace the comma(,) with a blank space and remove the quotes. Also , such data might occur multiple times in one single record.

For eg: Consider this input


the output should be as follows

20,Manchester,Barclays League,xyz,123,95 some data,

How can it be done b basic UNIX commands or scripting. Please help me on this ....

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Have you considered writing your script in Python and using its csv module: it can deal with these cases (dialect=Excel by default, I think)? Python is available on most Unix systems, sometimes installed by default on Linux. –  Bruno May 29 '11 at 11:44
Seconded @Bruno's comments, although I'd have suggested Perl and the Text::CSV module. Using a language where there is a high quality CSV parser already available will save countless headaches. –  Quentin May 29 '11 at 11:58

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<input.csv python -c \
'import csv,sys;f=csv.reader(sys.stdin);print '\
'("\n".join(",".join(entry.replace(",", " ") for entry in line) for line in f))'
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Here's how you do it using sed in shell:

sed -i '.orig' -e ':a' -e 's/^\([^"]*\)"\([^,"]*\)"\(.*\)$/\1\2\3/g' \
-e 's/^\([^"]*\)"\([^,"]*\),\([^"]*\)"\(.*\)$/\1"\2 \3"\4/;ta' file.csv
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