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Can anyone provide the link to the svn repository latest version/tag of of Plexus FTP Server project? I only see version 1.0-alpha-1 at the Maven repository which is released in 2005.

Is it the current latest version? Isn't there a stable release at all?

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Have you taken a look into the pom of that project there is the location of the SVN repository...

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I did try that. It's svn.codehaus.org/plexus/trunk/plexus-servers/plexus-ftpd which is non-existent now. Little more digging brought me to svn.codehaus.org/plexus/tags/plexus-ftp-1.0-alpha-1. But that repository location did not get updated with recent releases as I understood. How do I know? Other listed projects at that location are older versions! –  ravana May 29 '11 at 12:50

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