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I'm using James Smith's excellent tokenized input plugin for a search box of sorts. (PHP backend.) I'm trying to prepopulate the input but only some of the time - for example, if the user has passed my URL a parameter.

Normal initialization:

$("#tokenized").tokenInput("", {
theme: "facebook",

As desired, this starts me with a blank box and everything's good.

Using the nifty prePopulate paramater:

$("#tokenized").tokenInput("", {
theme: "facebook",
prePopulate: [<?php echo json_encode($initialValue); ?>]

$initialValue is an array with 'id' and 'name'. This also works great when it's set to something. But that's my problem - only some of the time will it be set. I've tried sending it a zero-element array as well as one with empty values. Setting the array to null produces the expected uncaught exception. The box refuses to not prepopulate if it's one of these - creating an entry for 'undefined' or '{space}'. I want it to be empty, as the first example above.

How can I tell my page to only prepopulate if my initial value is set? Can I do some sort of if() condition inline to the initialization?

Also, jQuery beginner here - as above, still using 'php echo' to get my value across. Is there a better way?


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just a notice, in the first example remove the trailing , as it will choke IE. – Gaby aka G. Petrioli May 29 '11 at 13:50
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echo is perfectly fine. Try this:

$("#tokenized").tokenInput("", {
theme: "facebook"
<?php if($initialValue){ ?>, prePopulate: [<?php echo json_encode($initialValue); ?>]<?php } ?>

It only adds the prePopulate parameter if initialValue is set.

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This is perfect. Thank you! – Ryan May 29 '11 at 15:09

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