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Rails primary key and object id

I have the following code in my Event model

  def event_tokens=(ids)
    events = ids.split(',')
    allowed_events = []
    events.each do |i|
      i = i.strip
      event = Event.where("upper(name) = ?", i.upcase);
      if event.present?
        allowed_events << event.id #line w/ error
        print "this doesnt exist, add in staging table " + i.to_s
    self.event_ids = allowed_events

the event.id in the above code is throwing a warning

warning: Object#id will be deprecated; use Object#object_id

when I changed event.id to event[:id] I'm getting an error

Symbol as array index

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event = Event.where("upper(name) = ?", i.upcase);

... returns a collection (well, technically, a proxy to a collection), not an ActiveRecord object.


events = Event.where("upper(name) = ?", i.upcase)
event = (events.blank? ? nil : events.first)
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