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I am developing an RSS Reader in Java and i'm finding problems using the JEditorPane component to show the HTML code gained from the feed.

Here is how i initialized the JEditorPane:

editorPane = new JEditorPane();

And here is how i load a specific article:

editorPane.setText("<html>" + encodedHTML + "</html>");

It works correctly except for these problems:

  1. I can't find the way to manage the loading operations (stopping, pausing, clearing, getting the "isLoaded" event)
  2. The first article i open takes very long time to load (and sometimes it freezes at all)
  3. If i change article several times, it doesn't load images anymore
  4. If i show the article 1, then the article 2, then i go back in the article 1, it reloads article 1's images... i'd like to save them in the cache but i can't find a way to manage it
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..Did you have a question? –  Andrew Thompson May 29 '11 at 14:47
"How can i solve these problems"? -.-' i guess it was clear –  Oneiros May 29 '11 at 14:55

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