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I try to use alaxos acl plugin for study of Acl code
and I got error

Warning (512): AclNode::node() - Couldn't find Aro node identified by "Array
    [Aro0.model] => Group
    [Aro0.foreign_key] => admin
" [CORE\cake\libs\model\db_acl.php, line 191]
Warning (512): DbAcl::check() - Failed ARO/ACO node lookup in permissions check.  Node         references:
Aro: Array
   [User] => Array
        [id] => 76
        [username] => tttttt
        [group_id] => admin
        [active] => 1
        [activation_code] => 
        [widget_count] => 
        [lastvisit] => 


Aco: Users/add [CORE\cake\libs\controller\components\acl.php, line 273]
Warning (2): Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\xampp\htdocs\cakephp\cake\libs\debugger.php:673) [CORE\cake\libs\

My Db picture here
User and Group Model
thank for answer

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Should the Aro0.foreign_key be admin? the foreign_key field is an integer in the table schema. Might not be relevant –  Ross May 29 '11 at 15:01

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You should to set basic require data in database it important for acl component to work right

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