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My mongodb is like following

{ "_id" : ObjectId("4de20ef97065cc77c80541fd"),
"todo" : [
"id" : 1,
"desc" : "hi",
"done" : 0
"id" : 2,
"desc" : "hello",
"done" : 0
], "user" : "saturngod" }

So, I update the data like this.


it's working fine in mongodb cli but can't work in your node-mongodb-native driver.

I wrote a code like this

task_collection.update({user:username,'todo.id':taskId}, {"$set":{"todo.$.done":1}},{safe:true},function(error, result){
            sys.puts("callback user:"+username+"id:"+taskId+"error:"+error);
            if( error ) callback(error,result);
            else callback(null,result)


error return null value and callback also working. However, data was not update in database.

Updated: I found 'todo.id':taskId can't find any rows. It's working in mongo cli but not work in mongodb-native nodejs

full source at : https://github.com/saturngod/tatoo/blob/master/data-provider.js

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That's because you've got some typos. See the comments:

// Should be username, not user, based on the query that worked
task_collection.update({user:user,'todo.id':taskId}, {"$set":{"todo.$.done":1}},{safe:true},function(err, result){
    sys.puts("callback user:"+user+"id:"+taskId+"error:"+error);
    // error is null because your callback argument name is err, not error
    if( error ) callback(error,result);
    else callback(null,result)
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I fixed it and updated in my question but no luck. –  saturngod May 30 '11 at 0:35
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Fixed , problem is taskId is not number.

task_collection.update({user:username,'todo.id':Math.floor(taskId)}, {"$set":{"todo.$.done":1}},{safe:true},function(error, result){
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