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I writed an article in latex some time ago. Now that i use Ubuntu i work with Gedit + Latex plugin. I use bibtex and i found no problem running the work already done.

Now when i add a new entry to my bibtex file it doens't appear on pdf (like it wasn't there [?] ). The older references are correctly displayed.

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This has nothing to do with Ubuntu or gedit. Simply adding an entry to your .bib file is not sufficient. You will have to run bibtex again to display the new references (assuming you have cited them in the .tex file).

If you are using latex to compile to a pdf, follow these steps:

  1. latex filename
  2. bibtex filename
  3. latex filename
  4. latex filename
  5. dvipdf filename (or you can do dvips filename followed by ps2pdf filename

If you are using pdflatex, then do these:

  1. pdflatex filename
  2. bibtex filename
  3. pdflatex filename
  4. pdflatex filename
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Thks man ;) I thougth the gedit plugin should run the bibtex command too, but apparently not. – Barata May 29 '11 at 17:40
@Barata: You're welcome :) – abcd May 29 '11 at 18:30

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