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For development of my first JSF 2.0 app I use GlassFish v3.1, deployment is planned on JBoss 6. Are there libraries which work on both servers and support JDBC based login? I have read about Apache Shiro, is this an option for this scenario or would you recommend a different library?

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Shiro should more than meet your needs in a Java EE app. Feel free to ask any questions about it along the way - you'll find a helpful community!

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Apache Shiro isn't based on Java EE security. I'd really use the latter (specifying security in web.xml, ejb annotations, ...). A login module in Glassfish (custom or existing one), or the jboss equivalent, should handle authentication/groups/roles. I really wouldn't use a non-standard library where there is a standard solution (=specification-based).

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A Login Module? No one I've ever met actually likes using JAAS, let alone understands it that well. JEE security is and always will be (like all JEE specs) a 'lowest common denominator' solution. Also JEE security doesn't handle fine-grained access control for your app - Shiro does. What matters most is that there is a de-facto solution that caters to what developers actually want. Shiro has been around for 8 years now (previously known as JSecurity), it is an Apache Top Level project with a great community, and will be around for many more years. It is a very viable choice. – Les Hazlewood Jul 25 '11 at 0:29
Well, I'm your counter-example then. :-) I agree it's the 'lowest common denominator', so I'd say use it for what it's designed for and use a specific solution for fine-grained checks (which you can probably make quite simply, querying a specific service you wrote when needed). Let's not go too deep into JEE Specs, but there are a lots of successful examples nowadays. – ymajoros Jul 25 '11 at 7:12
It would be interesting if Apache Shiro and JAAS could complement each other since there is an overlap in the authentication features. – Allan Lykke Christensen Aug 3 '12 at 8:46
> I really wouldn't use a non-standard library - If you're using GlassFish specific login modules you are doing that too. Why not use or recommend the standard Java EE auth modules? Java EE 6 introduced JASPIC for that. – Arjan Tijms Apr 21 '13 at 9:25
@ArjanTijms the glassfish login module isn't standard in itself, but from app perspective, you don't have to use anything but Java EE 6 api's. You could JSR-196 (JASPIC), but it's more focused on the message. You could do authentication there, although it's sometimes better to use it for getting the authentication message from http (http basic, form, session, ...) and forwarding to a (proprietary :-( ) login module. Still, the application won't see that and will only use standard API's. – ymajoros Apr 22 '13 at 7:22

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