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I'm trying to write a simple script that connects to the freenode IRC network ( on port 6667) to periodically post information on a channel. To do this, I am employing Python sockets. This has worked fine in the past, however now I am experiencing a strange problem: the socket takes an incredibly long time to connect if it does at all (it occasionally times out). However, this only happens when the script is run from a file. When typed into the interpretor directly it works fine:

>>> import socket
>>> def f():
>>>    s = socket.socket()
>>>    print("Connecting")
>>>    s.connect(('', 6667))
>>>    print("Connected")
>>>    s.close()
>>> f()

The socket connects in about a second and everything is fine. However, if I put the following code in a file and run python, it hangs on s.connect and occasionally times out:

import socket
s = socket.socket()
s.connect(('', 6667))

I have never had this problem before. This also occurs on other computers on my network (maybe it's network problem?). I'm using Python 3.2. Thanks.

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Networks always have intermittent problems and your code will need to deal with them. I suggest two levels of action. First, use the timeout= argument on socket.create_connection to wait a bit longer before giving up. Then put the socket opening inside a try except socket.timeout pair and retry a couple of times, maybe sleeping a second or two between retries.

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I appreciate your answer. The reason I think that this is a Python issue it that I can use an irc client (irssi) to connect just fine. I also ran a traceroute to and didn't find any major bottlenecks. – Michael Smith May 30 '11 at 16:24
If you think that you have found a reproducible bug, then you should report it at – Michael Dillon May 31 '11 at 1:23

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