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I'm having trouble with special characters in my Tomcat projects. I have all of my files in UTF-8 with meta set for UTF-8 and still when I write łóęążźć in any form and send it by POST/GET method (I'm doing it by ajax with jQuery) I got something much more like: [|zB�D.

How can I fix it? I'm pretty sure it's because of Tomcat (I'm using 6.0 version).

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Note that jquery's ajax() function will always transmit data with UTF-8 encoding.

In Tomcat, it's best to set the uRIEncoding option of the connector to UTF-8 (in server.xml). This is mainly for the encoding of the URLs but it seems to affect the encoding used with POST request (url encoded) as well:

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Thanks - that fixed it for me. –  Martin Dow Aug 16 '11 at 16:22

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