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[Firstid foreignId field]
[1       1         textFirst1]
[2       1         textFirst2]
[3       1         textFirst3]
[4       2         textFirst4]
[5       2         textFirst5]


[Secondid foreignId field]
[1        1         textSec1]
[2        1         textSec2]
[3        2         textSec3]

foreignId reffer to the same table MY question is how to write linq2Sql query to retrive following result:

[foreignId countFromSecond fieldFromFirst]
[1         2               textFirst1]
[1         2               textFirst2]
[1         2               textFirst3]
[2         1               textFirst4]
[2         1               textFirst5]

other words, i want to retrive almost first table without id but gruoped with count from second table

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Something like this:

var query =
    from first in db.FirstTable
            countFromSecond = db.SecondTable
                .Where(arg => arg.foreignId == first.foreignId)
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thanks mate , really, i din't know we can put another query in anonymous type, i thoguht this will be complicated join group by, it works, thanks. –  kosnkov May 29 '11 at 19:10

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