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Can you recommend any resources for learning Django? I have python experience but I've never used Django before. What did you use when you were first learning? I'm particularly interested in Tutorials, code examples and any books that you find particularly good.



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Django benefits from very good and extensive documentation, a free book and a series of books: APress and Amazon.

Depending on the Django version you are planning to use I'd recommend starting with the free book and official documentation. You can also buy one of the books if it covers the version.


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The official documentation and Django Book would be the best places to start.

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+1! I found I could create many applications getting started with the Django Book. I could then use the good documentation to modify and enhance things to my needs. –  Nick Presta Mar 5 '09 at 23:21
Yeah the book is great. They are currently writing a second one as well that deals with Django 1.0 (at the same URL). It's all free and well worth a look. –  Harley Holcombe Mar 5 '09 at 23:23

I agree with @Harley. Plus you always have this site and if you get stuck.

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