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Primary key values are used as row ids in json data returned from server. If primary key value is edited and saved two times, second save causes error since jqGrid passes original primary key value again to edit method.

How to update jqGrid row id to new primary key value if primary key value is changed in inline editing ?

$(function () {
        var grid = $("#grid");
                url: '<%= ResolveUrl("~/Grid/GetData?_entity=Strings")%>',
                datatype: "json",
                mtype: 'POST',
                scroll: 1,
                autoencode: true,
                colModel: [{
                    name: 'Source',
                    fixed: true,
                    editable: true,
                    width: 30
                }, { /* this is primary key passed also as id */
                    name: 'Est',
                    fixed: true,
                    editable: true,
                    width: 271
                }, {
                    name: 'Eng',
                    fixed: true,
                    editable: true,
                    width: 167
                gridview: true,
                pager: '#pager',
                viewrecords: true,
                editurl: '<%= ResolveUrl("~/Grid/Edit?_entity=Strings")%>',
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If separate form is used for editing we can use reloadAfterSubmit: true which refreshes id. Mabe it is possible to refresh inline edited row somehow. Or can we change row id after edit method request completes – Andrus May 29 '11 at 20:54
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The rowid is nothing more as the value of id attribute of the corresponding <tr> element of the grid. So to change the rowid oldRowid to newRowid you should do something like the following:

$("#" + oldRowid).attr("id", newRowid);
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row ids are created from all primary key columns and urlencoded to remove characters not allowed in row ids. Which event should be used to replace row id ? How to find previous and new row id values for replace ? – Andrus May 30 '11 at 10:51
@Andrus: removing or escaping of special characters are needed only if you write a general solution which will use other people who not really understand what he do. In your own solution you should use of course as ids more reasonable values. So you should never need problem escaping of characters. If you do has the problem you should use $.jgrid.jqID. – Oleg May 30 '11 at 11:24
@Andrus: the question about the event can't be answered without knowing the context. For example it is important to know which editing mode you use. Moreover I answered you only to show how the problem with id editing can be in general solved. I don't think that it should be ever done. Every good database design means that ids should be never changed. – Oleg May 30 '11 at 11:28
@Oleg: question states that inline editing is used. Database uses natural primary keys. Row ids are created in server by truncation composite key columns. It is possible to duplicate composite key columns as hidden columns if this can simplify the id change. Should editRow aftersavefunc be used ? Should server edit method handler return new row id so aftersavefunc can perform row id change ? – Andrus May 30 '11 at 15:46
@Andrus: In case of inline editing aftersavefunc is a good place. You the server just set the new id as the value of Est entered by the server you don't need (but can if other requirements exist) send any additional information in the server. About the "natural primary keys": users don't know what is the primary key, so it is pure the part of the database design only. In the multiuser environment the best (natural) keys are integer autoincrement. It is my conviction. The place here is too small for details. – Oleg May 30 '11 at 16:25
#gridPreSeleccion = id grid
grid multiselect=true
function eliminarSeleccionados() {
    var idsContribuyentesSelect = jQuery("#gridPreSeleccion").jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selarrrow');
    if(idsContribuyentesSelect.length == 0) {
        jQuery.MessageAlertSath("Es necesario seleccionar una fila.")
    } else {
        var ids = jQuery("#gridPreSeleccion").jqGrid('getDataIDs');
        var a = ids.length;
        var j = 0;
        while(j == 0) {
            if(jQuery("#gridPreSeleccion").jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selarrrow').length <= 0) {
                j = 1;
            } else {
                for(var i = 0; i < a; i++) {
                    if(idsContribuyentesSelect[0] == ids[i]) {
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