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I have an application which pulls xaml page paths from a database. I can then use a navigationservice to navigate to the relevant page when need be. However, I have run into a scenario where I would like to instantiate the page with a specific constructor before navigating to that page.

Is it possible to take a string value such as "\Pages\MyPage.xaml" at runtime and create an object MyPage? Obviously, I could do this with a switch statement on the page path, but I would like it to be a whole lot more dynamic than that.

If anyone has any ideas, or has a better way of doing what I'm trying to do, I would greatly appreciate it!

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You can parse the string to take off the extension and subdirectory, then take a look at Activator.CreateInstance

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Thank you Brandon - that really helped! –  Jason Irwin Mar 5 '09 at 23:25

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