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Does anyone know of a linter for RTF files?

I am writing an simple RTF export tool for a word processor. I've got to the stage where my generated files now load into OpenOffice and seem to work --- except I've just discovered that if I edit it from within OpenOffice, save it, and the load it back into OpenOffice, it mysteriously changes. My hypothesis is that my style sheet and list table aren't laid out properly and it's producing strangely deformed datastructures inside OpenOffice.

I'd really like a tool that will look at my RTF file, match it against the spec, and tell me what I'm doing wrong...

I'm on a Linux environment, but this is a cross platform app so I'm willing to use Windows tools as well if anyone has one.

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Google gave a number of hits on "rtf syntax checker". "rtf validator" is another good search term. – TrueWill May 29 '11 at 23:12
Yes, already done that --- unfortunately all the hits are either spam farms or queries about whether an RTF syntax checker exists. Hence my desire to actually ask a human. – David Given May 29 '11 at 23:19
Incidentally, I know this is years later, but I'd still love to find one of these. – David Given Apr 29 at 9:03

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@David, you're quite right that most of the search links are terrible. After a bit of looking, I found a page by the author of the RTF Pocket Guide called About RTF. See the section on Useful RTF Links.

Caveat: I have no experience with any of these tools.

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