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I've been tasked at work to create a 'website' on a CD for a client. I've made a start where basically everything is hardcoded pure html, and god how easily you forget how amazing templates are, so much freakin' boilerplate. So I would prefer to somehow create a set of linked html pages using a template system.

Is there some method of easily producing a set of linked html files (suitable for CD, i.e. no webserver) using something like Django? The project is doable by hand, but there's a lot of overhead.

Would love to hear alternative ideas as well, not set on Django, just what I'm kind of familiar with.

Note: Can't include any software, can't use anything from the internet. Flat html, on the cd.

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You might be interested in a static-site generator like Hyde (Python) or Jekyll (Ruby). Essentially lets you create pages in Markdown/Textile/whatever with templates, and then generate static HTML files with a simple shell command. You can deploy it however you want, since it's just files.

I've used Jekyll myself because I heard about it first (despite being a Python guy primarily), but Hyde seems a bit more competent (CSS processors, for example). Jekyll is more widely used, I think.

(Using Django would mean that you'd have to run a Django installation on some server just to create the content and then generate "linked html files"...)

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This was exactly what I needed, thanks! – mrmagooey Jun 1 '11 at 0:16
I should also note there is now a new site for the hyde project – mrmagooey Jun 1 '11 at 0:16

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