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Is it possible to do cross-compilation with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler for common architectures?

If not, is this feature planned to be developed in the near future?

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It's a common question, but a good one. The only cross compilation I've heard of with a GHC derivative is HaLVM, otherwise the answer is 'wait for it or contribute to it', as dons says. – Thomas M. DuBuisson May 30 '11 at 2:52

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As of this moment (GHC 7.0) GHC does not support cross-compilation.

As of 2013, "support for cross-compilation works reasonably well in GHC 7.8.1".

See the status on the CrossCompilation wiki page.


GHC has always supported self-cross-compilation (i.e. you can port GHC to a new architecture). However, GHC as a cross-compiler, that runs on a host, but produces binaries that target another, has not been supported.

As of GHC 7 though, with the new LLVM backend, work is being undertaken to add cross-compilation support. Status appears to be, from Mark Lentczner, "At this point I can build and link and run a stage1 cross-compiler." So stay tuned for GHC 7.2

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Is there a blog post or some article that goes step-by-step writing some Haskell code, and then cross compiling it to create a Windows, OSX, Linux, 32bit & 64bit binary? – CMCDragonkai Apr 9 at 14:22

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