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Why is this global variable not being changed???

Hi, have this code to auth my app via ajax:

        var myAuth = false;
             type: 'POST',
             url: 'loading.php',
             data: { token: 123456789},
             success: function(data){
               if (data.response == 'OK'){
                    myAuth = true;
                    myAuth = false;

if (myAuth == true){
do something

why myAuth don't get the value after response is OK?

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It seems that in your code you are trying to catch the myAuth value right after the $.ajax call, which is assyncronous and at the that point probably will not be true already. You should call a function instead of setting the myAuth = true, after the server response. –  Tuco May 30 '11 at 1:20
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1 Answer

Because XHR is ran asynchronous (when used in the manner in your example).

You need to place that code in the success callback.

At the moment, the condition is evaluated as soon as the request is made, not when the request is finished. Therefore, myAuth is always set to its initial value of false.

The other way would be to make the request synchronous, but this locks the browser UI whilst the request is open and is considered bad practice for that reason.

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