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I know that I can use the component parts of the date helpers, rather than the full datetime_select, but I'm not sure how it would work as far as combining the params.

A bit of background, I'm creating an app for traffic monitoring where people can log traffic counts in 1 hour blocks. I'm presenting the user with a datetime_select so they can specify the start of the block, then later I'm calculating the end.

So I don't want people to be able to submit minutes or seconds, well seconds aren't shown with the helper so that's a start.

I've tried to zero it before the record is created with something like:

params[:result]['start(5i)'] = 0

which is the key that the development log shows rails is using for minutes. Unfortunately I get:

undefined method `empty?' for 0:Fixnum

I guess I could do this with some javascript, hide the minutes select box and remove all but the "00" option. I'd rather find a nice, clean solution if I can though.

Grateful for some tips. Happy to provide more information but not sure what else might be of use at the moment.

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params are Strings! try this:

params[:result]['start(5i)'] = '0'

or this:

params[:result]['start(5i)'] = ''

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Great, that works perfectly to zero out the minutes, now however I'm having trouble hiding the minutes select box. I thought I had found a fix on another question, but that doesn't actually work...I just got mixed up with all the selects on the page :D –  iwasinnamuknow May 30 '11 at 1:30
The rails API suggests that using :discard_minutes => true should work, as should ommitting :minutes from the order hash. Unfortunately neither make a difference for me. –  iwasinnamuknow May 30 '11 at 1:34
Ok, simple error, it's :discard_minute => true. Actually, I can set the minute_step to 60 which means that 00 is the only option. This automatically zeroes the minutes and also looks a bit cleaner. Taking out the minutes completely looked a bit strange. –  iwasinnamuknow May 30 '11 at 1:43

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