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The problem is, my videos are hosted on a video site, longer videos will be divided into several parts. I want to play these clips in html5 video tag on my own site, is it possible to play media resources listed in source tags sequentially?

I googled and got to the w3c's html5 video spec page, find an attribute named startOffsetTime, I tried to assign value for this attribute to each media resource as suggested in the spec, but it still doesn't work.

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You can load the next clip when JavaScript's onend event is triggered.

Check out markcial's answer in another thread.

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Thanks, @uncollected! I've read markcial's answer, but I'm still wondering, isn't there any workaround to let the clips share their timeline? I mean being able to seek between these clips. –  mko May 30 '11 at 5:51

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