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I am trying to wrap a image with a link but I am having trouble doing so.

            $j('<img />', {
                    'src': 'imageSrc.jpg',
                    'style': 'display:none;',
                    'id': 'image'

I have tried using .after, .before, and .wrap but the links are not coming up or they are not wrapping around the image.

I have looked at Hanpan's problem and solution but the solution doesn't fit mine.

Should I change my code to fit like his or am I missing something?

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You can wrap an element with wrap().

Here is a jsFiddle which may be of assistance too.

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How odd.... now it is working. Seems like I just had to make it "<a>" instead of "<a></a>" –  Anraiki May 30 '11 at 6:05

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