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Hey, I'm making a board game in python and i'm having a bit of trouble with the errors

For example:

ERROR_MOVE_CANT = "Error: %s %s can't move in direction %s" %(player, piece, direction)

When I try and raise this error later in my program I use:

if board[newch[1]][newch[0]] != '.':
    return ((ERROR_MOVE_CANT)%(player, piece, direction))

I get an error "NameError: global name 'player' is not defined"

I have previously defined 'player' to be either "Letter" or "number" but how do I define it as a global variable?

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you should remove all your <br> and use the code formating option (the {} button ;) ) – Cédric Julien May 30 '11 at 8:01

global is merely the last place that is looked; you probably want to make it a local variable when you are using it, or correctly refer to it if it is an instance variable: self.player.

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You probably set the error message inside a function, creating a local variable instead of a global one:

def f():
    ERROR = 17
    # this variable is local to f

def g():
    global ERROR
    ERROR = 17
    #now the ERROR in this function is the global one.

(Btw, think twice before using global variables they most likely aren't the cleanest solution for your problem.)

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