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I have an MVC site hosted on IIS 7. It works fine when accessed from the server itself.

However when I tried to access it from the same LAN as the server's the website wasn't reachable.

Next I disabled the windows firewall on the server and the site was accessible from within the LAN.

I would like to have the firewall enabled AND be able to access the site.

What do I have to enable in the firewall?


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Ok, it was an old question, but I just found the inbound rule you need turn on. Hope the screenshot can help others in future.

Win7-firewall-inbound-BranchCache Content Retrieval (HTTP-In) enter image description here

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Super helpful, thanks. –  dav_i Jan 14 '13 at 16:50

Try opening the port in Windows Firewall. Go to "Advanced Settings" in the Firewall setup and check the inbound rules and add the port if necessary.

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I don't get why the port isn't open by default when you add an application =( –  CodeBlend May 15 '13 at 10:04

I had the exact same issue, but the firewall in my system is managed by ESET smart security. In my case, I was not able to access the site from my machine with the firewall enabled. I wanted to add my answer so that it helps someone who is facing this issue with ESET.

  1. Initially, I disabled the firewall and accessed the site.
  2. While accessing the site, I checked the ports being used for the connections using "ESET SysInspector -> Network Connections". Found that my site's port was being used by the program "system".
  3. Then I went to ESET's "Advanced setup -> Network -> Personal firewall -> Rules and zones". Clicked on "setup" under "zone and rule editor".
  4. Click on "Toggle application tree view". Then under the column "Application/Rule", expanded "System" and found the rule "Deny communication for System" which was set to "Deny" for "Internet in". I set it to "Allow" for my site's local port and clicked "Ok" all the way out and was able to access my site with firewall enabled.
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