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I have a bunch of statements in UNIX that I want to loop to use parameterized value for their calculations.

more /var/xacct_data/xxxx/log_flattener/xxxx/logfile_current | grep " F " //E,I,D
**xxxx = mpay,mmg,tvr**

/var/xacct_data/faff/faff1/log_flattener/faffsnp1/ logfile_current | grep " F "         //E , I, D also
/var/xacct_data/faff/faff1/log_flattener/faffdbt1 /logfile_current | grep " F "       //E , I, D also
/var/xacct_data/faff/faff1/log_flattener/fafftxn1 /logfile_current | grep " F "             //E , I, D also
/var/xacct_data/faff/faff2/log_flattener/faffdbt2/ logfile_current | grep " F "       //E , I, D also

I want to store these paths in a file. Read from the file in a unix shell script. and run the unix commands on the above paths, while manipulating the above paths by substituting some values in the path..

For example, in the above code block, in the top most path. I want to replace the xxxx with the three values given. mpay, mmg and tvr. how do i go about it??

For every grep " F " I want to use E, I and D as parameters for the current path. how do i do it??

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The left part of the pipe seem truncated but for the grep side, I think you are looking for

   ... | grep " [FEID] "
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will it do the trick? do i need to implement a loop?? – amit May 30 '11 at 9:31
there are no delimiters. wouldnt it treat FEID as a single string?? – amit May 30 '11 at 9:32
Please clarify what you want to achieve. Your code doesn't make sense as it is currently written. – jlliagre May 30 '11 at 9:37
post updated. please see above. – amit May 30 '11 at 9:52
Piping more to grep is useless. Your description and examples are inconsistent. xxxx doesn't match mpay,mmg,tvr in either position. There is an extra space in each line. Still unclear about what you are looking for. – jlliagre May 30 '11 at 12:20

This should get you started. I won't write the entire script for you.

In bash, zsh, etc...

for directory in mpay mmg tvr; do
    for char in F E I D; do
        echo "Looking for lines containing ${char} in ${directory} directory..."
        grep "${char}" /var/xacct_data/${directory}/log_flattener/${directory}/logfile_current

No need for more here. grep takes a filename as input.

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