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I have an xml document with fragments like the following:


I want to find the text "defg" inside the node, and modify that node to the following:


This means creating a new node that has bit of x.text and other children inside.

I can find the node which includes the text, but I don't know how to break it up, and wrap just the matching section inside the <y> tags.

Any ideas that can point me in the right direction are most appreciated. Thanks.

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I understand that inside the x element there are three children: a text (abcd), a z (ef), and another text element (ghij). I could treat each child, processing their contents and then re-creating a new children structure. Is there any other way around it? A simpler, more elegant shortcut? –  fjs6 May 31 '11 at 10:50

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What about turning it into a sting and then use a regex to change it, and then parse it with nokogiri again.

sting = some_xml.to_s
# => '<x>abcd<z>ef</z>ghij</x>'

splits = sting.match(/(.)<z>(.*)<\/z>(.)/)

new_string = sting.gsub(splits[1], "<y>#{splits[1]}").gsub(splits[3], "#{splits[3]}</y>")

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