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Here is what I get when I try to build my Xcode project:


/Users/ssbarnea/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/demo2-fdzrmxojwtekcbeivraccjjadvqz/Build/Intermediates/demo2.build/Debug-iphonesimulator/demo2.build/Script-5E564EAC1393823C00BFBA83.sh: line 2: ${PROJECT_DIR}/local-deploy.sh: No such file or directory

In Xcode I added to the default arget a new Build Phase, a "Run Script" that runs with shell /bin/sh and contains only:


I can assure you that the local-deploy.sh file exists in the project directory and that it is executable. It even works if I call it from the console ;)

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It should be the following. s/'/"/g :-)

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Well, I don't think that replacing this will work. You need just put OpenCV.framework folder in proper project folder and I think that is it. I tried out and it worked.

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